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[Create, Add, Submit] Sitemap for Blogger Updated 2022

Welcome to MBF, as you guys know. MBF is all about Blogging fundamentals.
All published articles are organized in simple and short English sentence to teach the Blogging Tips for Beginners.
In that respect today's tutorial is [Create, Add, Submit] Sitemap for Blogger Updated 2022

Today's Topic
[Create, Add, Submit] Sitemap for Blogger Updated 2022

Sitemap For Blogger

Why Blogger Sitemap?

A sitemap is an XML file that contains all the URLs of the posts that we have published and are available to crawl. A Sitemap is the only way to showcase all internal links of a website in one place. The Sitemaps tells the search engines about pages on their site that are available for crawling.

Sitemaps also help in understanding the Blog/website's structure.

Sitemap For Blogger

Today's Outline (Blogger Sitemap)

In this article I'll cover the following topics:

Importance Of the Sitemap

There is a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) tricks and tips; 😂 🤣 🙃. Do you believe there will be tricks in online marketing Or search engine optimization?

Well, that is true; tricks may let you to ranking but you will not stay ranked at all, search engines will catch you and de-rank your Site/Blog & can be remove your pages from search results.

Now after a deep breath; Let's come to the topic. Sometimes, the importance of sitemaps is underestimated. Almost all bloggers do not submit and create sitemaps. As result, they don't get ranked because the deep URLs are invisible to the crawlers. As the name Sitemap implies, a sitemap is a map of the website or Blog, that is, on a single page with a dot "XML" extension.

A Sitemap is good not only for you & me but as well as for search engines. By reading, Site/Blog's Sitemap search engines make their database and crawl and index these URLs. A Sitemap is like a channel between a website and a search engine to communicate.

Sitmap and Google

Search engines such as Google,Bing use Sitemap to index the web content or Posts link. It works like, for instance, if a robot visits your website it will first go to Custom Robots.txt and will check which pages, type of pages , folders or URLs are allowed to robots to crawl unnecessary or non-public folders & directories can be blocked by Robots.txt.

Robots.txt generator

Robots (.txt) are used to tell the search engine that; which part of the website doesn't include indexing, and the web sitemap tells these search engines where you'd like them to go.

Example of the Robots.txt

# Sitemap Generated By on 2021-11-13
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

# Is used to comment out the content

"User-agent: *" User-agent is used to specify the robots. Here "*" or Asterestic means all crawlers and Robots.

"Disallow: /" The Disallow tells the robot that; The next content to the "Disallow" should not visit or follow. eg: "Disallow: /admin-login/" This will Disallow the URL to robots.

"Allow: /" The all is the oposite to the Disallow
By default every published link is in Allowed state.

start-index=1&max-results=500. It defines the range of blog posts from 1 to 500. Replace the with your website URL below. Or Visit: Sitemap & Robots.xxt Generator

Best Sitemap Generator For Blogger

Best Robots.txt Generator

Submit Sitemap To Google

Submit Sitemap To Bing

How to submit sitemap to google

Now the final and last most imortant step is Sitemap Submission. I have already shared Bing Submission  Google Sitemap submit

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