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10 Best Free Blogging Sites For Beginners 2021

Welcome to MBF, as you guys know. MBF is all about Blogging fundamentals.
All published articles are organized in simple and short English sentence to teach the Blogging Tips for Beginners.
In that respect today's tutorial is 10 Best Free Blogging Sites For Beginners 2021

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10 Best Free Blogging Sites For Beginners 2021

Blogging Sites For Beginners
Top 10 Free Blogging Sites

The best free blog sites such as WordPress, Wix etc, are helping millions of new bloggers to create websites without learning to write code.

Since setting up a blog has become very easy in recent years, here are my top 10 choices of "Free blogging sites".

Free blog site You should use it to create your first site and lay the foundation for your blog journey.

The blog has a long and rich history. Since 1993, people have been creating blogs that interest them

Top 10 Best sites to create free blogs in 2021



  • Do you want to start a blog in the right way?
  • Who is an independent WordPress blog?
  • Self-hosted WordPress overview
  • What is WordPress hosting?
  • Example of a website created on self-hosted WordPress
  • The appearance of self-hosted WordPress (free blog site)
  • Advantages of self-hosted WordPress as a free blog site
  • Personalization and flexibility
  • The easiest blog site to profit on mo
  • This is a free blog site that grows with you
  • Disadvantages of self-hosted WordPress as a free blog site
  • Accommodation is not free
  • Higher education curve
  • maintenance

Who wants Wix?

  • Wix overview
  • Wix website example
  • Internal appearance of Wix
  • Advantages of Wix as a free blog site
  • very useful
  • Completely free (if you follow the correct plan)
  • Disadvantages of Wix as a free blog site
  • Wicks brand and advertising
  • Almost no profit
  • Limited blog features
  • No site migration
  • Template cannot be changed
  • Who wants
  • General information about
  • Example of a website created on

After creating a blog on, you will be directed to this page. You can select options such as "Statistics", "Layout" and "Tools". allows you to access the admin panels used in self-hosted WordPress,
but if you are not already familiar with WordPress, using these two panels can be more confusing.

Top 10 Advantages of WordPress as a Blogging site

  • Completely free
  • Free from masculinity
  • Ease of Use
  • HTML Editing not Required
  • FTP Software not Required
  • WordPress Sites are SEO Optimized
  • You Have A Complete Control of Your Site and Content
  • 100% Customizable Design of Your Wordpress Website
  • Built-in SEO Ready Status
  • Open Source Always Free

Disadvantages of WordPress as a free blog site

  • WordPress Brand
  • Limitations of Customization
  • Almost no profit
  • Harder to use than other website builders

Best advantages of weebly

  • Who wants Weebly?
  • Overview
  • Weebly website example
  • Walk into Weebly
  • The advantages of Weebly as a free blog site
  • Completely free
  • Easy to use
  • Easily change the theme
  • E-commerce options

Some Disadvantages of weebly

  • Disadvantages of Weebly as a free blog site
  • Verbatim Brand
  • Not as easy to learn as Wix
  • Limited customization

Advantages of Medium

  • Who wants the medium?
  • General information about the media
  • Example of a blog post created on Medium
  • Look in the middle
  • Medium-sized advantage as a free blog site
  • Easy to learn and publish
  • Completely free to use
  • Built-in audience

Disadvantages of Medium as a free blog site

  • Almost no customization
  • No profit (true)
  • You don't have your own blog

Some core Advantages of using blogger as a free blogging site

  • Advantages of Blogger as a free blog site
  • Free to use
  • Monetization options
  • You can manage your online identity and build trust
  • It will Improve your writing skills
  • Express Yourself.
  • Share Your Knowledge
  • Blogger platform makes it easy for readers to view your posts
  • Establish Your Business
  • Create Opportunities For Sharing.
  • Authority in Your Industry
  • Latest Interface
  • E-commerce Templates as well
  • Free and easy Doman Integration

Disadvantages of Blogger as a free blog site

  • Your website has no ownership
  • Not as easy to use as other options
  • Limited customization
  • Outdated interface

Advantages of Ghost as a free blog site

  • Easy to use
  • There is room for growth

Disadvantages of Ghost as a free blog site

  • Not the most customizable option
  • Hosting and domain name fees
  • Hard to find a hosting plan

Advantages of Tumblr as a free blog site

  • Tumblr internal appearance
  • Fun, creative and interesting community
  • Free to use
  • Profitability

Disadvantages of Tumblr as a free blog site

  • You do not own your own website or content
  • Limited customization

Advantages of Joomla as a free blog site

  • Website created on Joomla
  • Great choice in multiple languages
  • Customization and flexibility
  • Good for profit

Disadvantages of Joomla as a free blog site

  • Requires mid-level technical skills
  • Domain and hosting fees
  • Compatibility issues
  • On-site and safety maintenance
  • Advantages of Yola as a free blog site
    • Quite easy to use
    • Start for free
    • Customization and HTML

    Disadvantages of Yola as a free blog site

    • Only three pages
    • No internal blog option
    • Must upgrade to add store
    • Which free blog site is best for you?
    • Want to start your blog (the right way)?

    Since you are on my blog, I think you are interested in creating your own blog.

    You may blog deeply about your personal passion. Or, you might want to start a niche blog as a sideline to make money to blog outside of your daily work.

    Whether you want to blog about family photos, make a profit, or let the world know about your hobbies, you may not want to spend a lot of money to get things started.

    Although there are many blogging platforms available today, not all of them are free. However, a free blog site allows you to experiment without creating a financial burden.

    This is a very creative way to find your own voice without spending more time than yourself in the previous period.

    If you want to use a free blog site to power your blog, I have compiled the following list of 10 best free blog sites you can start right away.

    Top 10 free blog sites to create free blogs in 2021

    • WordPress (Self-hosted)
    • Wax
    • eb
    • in
    • Blog
    • ghost
    • Tumblr
    • Joomla
    • Yale

    Once you have completed your research and are ready to create a profitable blog, please go to my final guide to creating a blog.

    Do you want to start a blog in the right way? Check out my definitive guide: How to create a blog (side view).

    One of my best suggestions is a free blog site zh: self-hosted WordPress. WordPress currently powers 34% of websites on the Internet.

    WordPress Self-hosted WordPress (also known as is an open source platform for building blogs, and it is 100% free,
    because the creators of WordPress believe in democratized release and the freedom that open source brings.

    In other words, the people who create and manage WordPress think that people should have access to a platform on which they can publish content that is important to them in the way they choose.

    Who is an independent WordPress blog? One of the main reasons I recommend self-hosted WordPress as the best free blog site is that it is a great choice for many bloggers (and different blog budgets).

    Whether you are an absolute beginner in blogging today or run a six-figure website, WordPress can provide you with the best tools to create an amazing website that will be able to develop a profitable business for your blog plan. Most importantly, over time, as styles, brands, and content evolve, a WordPress-powered blog can grow with you.

    As explains, “Many WordPress end users don’t mind technically. They don’t know what AJAX is and don’t care about the PHP version they are using. The average WordPress user just wants to be able to type without trouble or interruption. ."

    On the other hand, they continue to say that with many themes, plugins, and access to coding (if you want), more technical bloggers are also free to create the website they want.

    Whether you are a novice or an experienced blogger, WordPress is the best choice for your free blog site.

    Self-hosted WordPress overview (also known as self-hosted WordPress) is an open source content management system (CMS), created in 2003 to provide the world with a truly free blogging platform. Open source refers to software that is freely available and can be modified by others. CMS is software or program that allows you to create and manage digital content.

    WordPress is completely free, but you will need to sign up for a paid monthly web hosting plan and purchase a domain name to use it (ie self-hosting).

    We’ll cover more details about web hosting below, but it’s important to note that running a self-hosted WordPress blog is very affordable-$2 to $10 per month.

    What is WordPress hosting?
    Hosting refers to the company that stores your website so that it can be viewed on the Internet. Without it, your blog cannot really be read by others.

    In order to store and distribute your content correctly, you need so-called servers. The web server is connected to the Internet and receives requests (people who want to read the content of your blog) and responds by displaying your website pages.

    The home computer is not set up to properly host its own website (without some serious modification and expense). This is why you need the best web hosting plan from a reliable company to ensure that your blog is connected to the Internet.

    For affordable and reliable web hosting, my personal recommendation is Bluehost. I have used them for many years and I am very satisfied with their service.

    Even if you choose their cheapest plan (approximately $2.95/month), you will still have many powerful features, such as a free SSL certificate, which can make your website ultra-secure, unlimited bandwidth and free domain names , And its excellent 24/7 technical support can answer any questions you have.

    They are also one of the three hosting companies especially recommended by WordPress. They provide a simple one-click installation to install WordPress as a free blog site to power your blog in the background.

    Example of a website created on self-hosted WordPress Jane Goodall Institute

    Advantages of self-hosted WordPress as a free blog site

    Personalization and flexibility

    One of the most attractive features of self-hosted WordPress as a free blog site is that it is highly customizable. There are thousands of themes to choose from, and more than 55,000 plugins. Many themes and plug-ins can be used for free, but some advanced themes and plug-ins can add more features.

    With, you can do almost anything with your blog freely.

    The easiest blog site to profit, If you plan to monetize your blog, is a good choice. You can monetize your blog with any choice. Zero restriction.

    If you also want to use your blog as an e-commerce site, you can use plugins like WooCommerce to accept payments, display products, and manage inventory.

    This is a free blog site that grows with you

    Unlike many other free blog sites, WordPress can grow with you. If you find that you really like blogging and want to take it to a new level, WordPress can take you there.

    Disadvantages of self-hosted WordPress as a free blog site

    Accommodation is not free

    The WordPress blogging platform is free, but you still need to pay for your own hosting. You also need to use to pay for the domain name. This may work against you, especially if you are looking for something completely free.

    However, as your blog grows, you may want to find a platform that offers more flexibility than other free options. No need to upgrade to a plan like Wix or Weebly, you can find a cheap hosting plan and build a blog you really want.

    Higher education curve

    WordPress is a good choice even for newbies, but compared to website builders such as Wix or Weebly

    The advantages of Weebly as a free blog site

    Completely free

    The free version of Weebly is completely free. There are no domain or hosting fees. If you want to test on a free blog site with no strings attached, then this is a good starting point.

    Easy to use

    Weebly is indeed very easy to use, and through its free blogging platform provides the same quick settings as creating posts. You can use Weebly's free plan to make compelling blog posts. The Weebly blog option has more features and customization than the Wix blog platform.

    Easily change the theme

    With Weebly, you can change the theme as many times as you want. You won’t fall into a topic forever, if you want to change your face after your blog takes off, this is a good choice.

    E-commerce options

    You can choose to sell articles from your blog directly through Weebly. If you want to monetize your website in this way, Weebly can do it.

    Disadvantages of Weebly as a free blog site

    Verbatim Brand

    Like and, you have to deal with the free version of the Weebly brand. This means that your URL will be Weebly branded and Weebly ads will be placed on your website. Unlike the other two options, Weebly allows you to add a custom domain name to the free version of Weebly. You still have Weebly ads, but you can use your own domain name.

    Not as easy to learn as Wix

    Weebly has a more customizable blog feature, but the platform is generally not as easy or intuitive as Wix.

    Limited customization

    Compared to things like, Weebly has far fewer ways to customize your free blog site. There are only a few themes and applications, so it is incomparable to or

    Medium is different from the other names on this list of free blogging sites because Medium is not actually a real website builder. In fact, even if Medium is a free blog site, it works more like a combination of a community of writers and a social media platform.

    That being said, Medium is completely free to share your blog content, and you can start right away.

    Who wants the medium?

    Medium is a good choice for writers who want to seek exposure through a free blog site (which has a rich community component). It would be great for hobby blogs or starting to find the voice of a writer.

    Another reason people use Medium is to breathe new life into content they produce elsewhere. Because Medium has a built-in audience, some people choose to republish blog posts they have already published on their main blog to help drive traffic back to their blog.

    General information about the media

    Medium was created to provide social media for people who want to write longer posts than you can find on Facebook or Twitter.

    When Medium was launched in 2012, CEO Ev Williams published a blog post titled "Welcome to Medium." In it, he explained the purpose of the platform.

    "The media is a new place on the Internet where people can share ideas and stories from blog posts. These ideas and stories are more than 140 characters long, not just to friends. It is designed for small stories that improve lives and change the world. Designed for a declaration..."

    "On Medium, you can contribute often or only in a grand slam without the commitment of a blog. Either way, you will post to a thriving pulse network, not a separate website , And you are solely responsible for maintaining the survival of this website."

    So, similar to when posting content on YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn, the main appeal of Medium is that it provides you with a complete audience.

    Example of a blog post created on Medium

    This is a post I wrote on my medium-sized blog a few years ago, and sometimes I publish content in it to attract more readers:

    There is no need to show you multiple blog posts on Medium because the layout of the blog is essentially the same except for different images or videos.

    Look in the middle

    • When you activate a medium-sized account, you will be asked to select topics that interest you.
    • This is related to the type of articles displayed in your feed, not to your own blog.
    • When you start writing a blog post, this is what your initial screen looks like.
    • These are your editing options. This is the look with the title and top image.
    • You can embed videos directly into blog posts in Medium.
    • You can also insert such social media posts from my Twitter account.

    Apart from these features, there is little help for you to change the appearance of blog posts or customize them.

    Moreover, you can search the Unsplash Media Library to add images related to your blog posts.

    Medium-sized advantage as a free blog site

    Easy to learn and publish

    Medium is the easiest platform to use. Just register and start writing. No need to build a website or search for accommodation. Everything is in place, so you can start right away.

    The blog interface is also very simple and does not require time to understand.

    Completely free to use

    The medium is completely free. There are no hidden fees or updates, which makes it a truly free blog site.

    Built-in audience

    When you post on Medium, you are writing to an existing audience. You don’t have to compete with Google’s SEO managers to make your content appeal to an audience.

    Disadvantages of Medium as a free blog site

    Almost no customization

    Except for adding images, videos, or embedding social media posts, all medium-sized posts look the same. It's like posting on Facebook-your text and images are different-but the layout and design of each post are basically the same.

    With Medium, you can customize your posts without themes, apps or plugins, making it one of the easiest free blogging platforms on the market today.

    Medium is No profit (true)

    Medium is not a platform that can be used to monetize blogs. There are no advertising or e-commerce options. You clearly violated the rule of "advertising or promoting third-party products, services or brands through medium-sized posts, posts or letters", but you can still use strategies such as blog coverage to promote blog content.

    You can use affiliate links, but you cannot create content, "mainly to attract traffic to external websites, products or services or to improve their search ranking... crawling and reposting content from other sources, the main purpose of which is to generate revenue or Other personal income."

    You don't have your own blog

    Using Medium as your free blog site, you don't need to deal with blog maintenance, which may be an advantage for some people. On the other hand, you will ultimately have no control over what is posted.

    You do have "ownership of the content created and published on Medium". But it can also be deleted for "any reason".
    Let me be clear. With Medium, you can publish to other people's websites. This means they can control how things are presented.

    They can also change the way they do things on Medium without consulting you or considering your interests... hell, they can even shut down for a day and get your blog for free. This is one of the main reasons why hosting your own blog (controlled by you) is the smartest way to create a blog.

    Advantages of Blogger as a free blog site

    Blogger is another reliable option (if a bit outdated) for free blogging sites, these sites are designed for those who want a free blog to try. Google bought the site through a free blog site in 2003, instead of owning its own site, it rented it from Google.

    Who wants to blog?

    If you are looking for a free place to start your own amateur blog, blogging can be a good choice. However, as there are more modern and forward-looking free blog sites in the market today, I personally do not recommend you to use Blogger.

    General information about Blogger

    Blogger was originally created by Pyra Labs in 1999, but was later acquired by Google in 2003.
    Once upon a time, this was a very popular way to create a blog on a budget. There are not so many today. Although Blogger has many customization options, it is not as complicated as the most modern blog sites.

    Example of a website created on Blogger

    Insider Blogger

    Here are some examples of Themes OR Templates available on Blogger:

    Your blog post editor has many customization options that are actually close to what you get from a better blog site such as WordPress. You can choose several fonts, and you can also load pictures and videos. You can also add HTML code for greater customization.
    The website editor may be clumsy and difficult to navigate, but... You must also "preview" the blog to see the changes.

    Advantages of Blogger as a free blog site

    Free to use

    You can use Blogger to create a blog without paying any fees. There are no hosting fees. You can choose to pay for the domain name, which will eliminate the brand from Blogspot in the URL.

    Monetization options

    As a free blog site, one of the best benefits of Blogger is that you can place AdSense ads on your web pages. Compared to many other free blogging sites we have discussed, you have more freedom to use Blogger to monetize your site.

    Disadvantages of Blogger as a free blog site

    Your website has no ownership

    Unfortunately, with Blogger, you don’t actually own your website. This means that Google can choose to close your website as needed.

    Not as easy to use as other options

    Although Blogger is very simple to run, it does have a higher learning curve than many other options. Once you learn how to run it, its benefits are also small.

    Limited customization

    You can use Blogger to make a few changes, but in the end no customization options are loaded.

    Outdated interface

    Nowadays, not many people use Blogger as a free blog site because it is not up to date with other options (for example, we have broken down here). The interface is not as user-friendly or modern as other blogging platforms.

    General information about Ghost

    Ghost was founded by the Kickstarter project in 2013 to provide a free blog site for professional writers. It has some similarities with WordPress, and like WordPress, it has both hosted and self-hosted versions.
    The self-hosted version is free, but (like WordPress) it does require a domain name and hosting.

    Who wants ghosts

    For people who are looking for a simple, free blog site (specially for blogs), Ghost will work well. WordPress was originally a blogging platform, but it has now developed more than that.

    Ghost still focuses only on blogs, not general website production or e-commerce.

    John O'Nolan, The founder of Ghost, shared: "If you want a simple e-commerce website for running your business, try Squarespace. If you want to share and repost and a lot of cats Participate in social networks, then Tumblr may be more suitable for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for everything you can imagine to develop your own mature website or application, then WordPress may be the ideal choice."

    He continued: "If you want to have a simple but powerful independent publication that focuses on writing experience and gives you the freedom to fully control the content, then you may find Ghost is interesting."

    General information about Ghost

    Ghost exists as a free blog site, mainly because John O'Nolan wanted to create something like WordPress, which is only suitable for writers, and at the same time more simple and easy to navigate.
    Ghost is a non-profit organization that is still in its infancy and is still a jogger for free blogging platforms. Although I certainly do not recommend using Ghost as a free blog site on WordPress at the moment, I will pay close attention to their work.
    They also seem to plan to change the direction of the platform in the next few months. The following is an excerpt of Ghost's 2018 interior appearance:

    "We spent a long time trying to compete on convenience and simplicity. This is our biggest mistake and the hardest lesson to learn-because user feedback tells us that this is the most important... but for ordinary users This is still not simple enough, and for professional users, its function is still not flexible enough-the best of both worlds.

    Therefore, the biggest gain after five years is that we have been and will continue to develop in the market towards professional users who value user ease and flexibility. Compared with competition, this is where we can win. This is where Ghost comes into play. "

    The minimum package price for the hosted version of Ghost is $29 per month, so obviously there is no free option.

    Ghost is an open source CMS, so there is a free self-hosted version. However, registering it is easier than

    Ghost hosting options

    Not all hosting companies support Ghost as a blogging platform, but here are many excellent hosting companies:

    The blog function is very simple.

    This is a fairly simple layout without many options. However, it does have a feature called "markdown" that can convert content into HTML code.

    Disclosure: Please note that some of the following links are affiliate links, you do not need to pay any additional fees, I will get commission. When you buy a product that I recommend using one of my affiliate links, the company will compensate me, which helps me manage this blog and maintain my content for free. Knowing that I also only recommend products that I personally approve.

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